Build, Strengthen, & Outline Your Back With The Back Attack Workout


Hi everyone and welcome to the back attack workout! This workout is comprised of 4 exercises done in a super set format. The workout is extremely difficult and is geared toward helping you build, strengthen and define all your back muscles.

There are two elements to the present workout and each part is completed in an exceedingly super set format. This mean that in half 1, there are 2 exercises that you’ll perform one after the other. You’ll then take a one minute break and repeat the 2 exercises. In order to finish part 1, you must end four super sets of the 2 exercises specified in part 1. Half 2 of this back attack workout is the identical format as half 1 except that there are two completely different exercises.

Back Exercises

Below are the exercises for this workout.

Half one – Perform four Sets of the 2 Exercise Combo Taking Only 1 Minute Rest Between Sets
Exercise 1 Twisting Pull Up
As Several Reps As You Can to Failure
Exercise 2 Physioball Pull Over Crunch
twelve Reps

Half two – Perform four Sets of the 2 Exercise Combo Taking Solely 1 Minute Rest Between Sets
Exercise 1 Thumbs Up Pushups
As Many Reps As You Will to Failure
Exercise 2 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Aspect Lunge Row
12 Reps to Every Facet of Your Body

Twisting pull ups and thumbs up push up are undoubtedly the foremost difficult exercises during this determine (especially the thumbs up pushups!). Focus yourself on every rep to get maximum contraction of your muscles and to try and perform negatives on the means down.

This is an glorious back workout that may be done quickly and efficiently in the gym or at home and I encourage you to try it and implement it into your workout over the approaching 3 to 4 weeks. Once this era is over you are visiting wish to modify up your back routine and concentrate on another exercises. Its necessary to change up your workout routines frequently however do not suppose that you’ll never do that workout again. Quite the opposite, you are visiting wish to keep and use it a few weeks down the track as it will once once more add a brand new variety to your workout.

Don’t limit yourself to adding variety strictly to your back workout. For maximum body development, you’re visiting need to continually add selection to any or all your workouts. Because of this, I counsel you make a arrange of what you would like to achieve over a few weeks or few months and mark down your fitness goals. From there you’ll then notice yourself a workout and nutritional program geared towards your goals.

Every few weeks, your workouts ought to vary in rep tempo and rep counts also they ought to move in and out of non circuit coaching into circuit training mode. This can then maximize your lean muscle gains and strength gains and insure you are burning as much fat as possible in order
 for you to develop a lean, muscular and ripped physique.


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