Beginner bodybuilders – Back exercises for mass


As a bodybuilder one of the most if not the very important part of the body for us is the back. The back for most bodybuilders is the main focus not just cause it is an essential tool while doing extensive training, but also it is also a visually impressive, some bodybuilders have what we call the cobra shape, (small waist, big back), allot of bodybuilders don’t have this, but crave it, and then there are the lucky ones how are born with the small waist.

The cobra shaped back you can see either when they are standing normally, or when they pop there back to show the definition in the muscles, you will mainly see this when they are doing bodybuilding competitions, it’s a common pose.

While you are bodybuilding and working on your back, there are three things you are aiming for.

1. Thickness of the upper back (traps)

2. Wide lats

3. Defined lower back (spinal erectors and lower lats

For newbie bodybuilders just starting out there are five essential exercises for you to try which will help develop these muscles, quickly.

Back exercises

1. Pull-downs – Id aim for three sets of fifteen, this is to help define your lats, this is a nice one, but will sting after a while, but it will be worth it

2. Pull-ups, I would aim at twenty Five reps, this is used to help strengthen the whole of your back, it can sting when you first start this, but push through it and you will benefit well from it.

3. Bent over barbell rows – My advice is to aim for three sets of fifteen This one is to help thicken up the upper back, after a while you will feel the burn, you will learn to love the burn once you see the results.

4. Seated V-bar cable row – I would aim for three sets of fifteen, this one is to help develop the mid upper back, this one will make you burn, but once you see the results, and you will carry on.

5. Dumb bell shrugs – Again my aim would be three sets of fifteen, this one is one of my favourite exercises, and this will help to develop your traps. Some people struggle to get their traps up, but be patient we are all different.

As with any exercising you need to take great care in your training, create a schedule where you are doing all you need, but do not over do any of your muscle groups without rest as you can do more damage than good, and please be patient with your training and progression, it’s not a race, remember bodybuilding is a way of life and living, it is also spiritual to some.

Here are a few examples of a schedule for your upper body:

Day one: – Abs, back, Biceps

Day two: – Quads, forearms, Calves

Day three: – Triceps, Chest Abs

Day four: – Hamstrings, shoulders, Abs
You don’t’ need to do it this way, make your own one up to match how you want to built, or how you feel on the day of your training, I found sticking to a schedule can help, but it’s your training, your body, your way, just make sure you are doing them safely.

If your training in a gym, ask one of the boys, or girls to spot you, if they see you doing something wrong, they will correct you. It’s all a learning curve and each bodybuilder can add something to your training, you just need to ask.



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