Weight Gain Supplements – Do They Really Work?

All weight gain supplements are not created equal. Read this article to find out if the weight gain products you’re using are high quality or just over priced and full of hype!
Despite what you may have read, all weight gain supplements are not the same, they aren’t all equal, and you won’t get the same results with each one.
There are a variety of supplements for weight gain on the market like weight gain pills, protein powders, and weight gainers. They all contain different ingredients but all claim to make you gain weight fast. But do they really work if your objective is to gain weight and muscle? Good supplements for weight lifters will be healthy to consume and provide you with the desired results when taken with proper diet and training, while the bad ones are not effective and will leave you feeling sick and tired.
Weight Gain Supplements
In medicine, pharmacokinetics is a word which is used to describe the way our bodies deal with an externally administered substance. The same principles apply to weight gain supplements, and it’s safe to say that a supplement is only as good as its pharmacokinetics.
Basically, you want to know how well the foreign substance is absorbed into the bloodstream, distributed to the appropriate tissues for utilization, properly metabolized (broken down), and successfully eliminated from the body. If the supplement is not properly absorbed and utilized by the body, then it’s next to useless.
In other words, what good is a weight gain supplement if you body can’t absorb it, use it, break it down, or get rid of it? For example, a low quality weight gain supplement which is not properly absorbed and used by the body is doing more harm then good.
So how can you know if a weight gain supplement is any good?
Well, first of all, you should look at how you feel when you’re taking the product? Pay close attention to your body, as you know your body better then anyone else. Make sure to note any changes that you experience, whether it be a good or bad experience.
Does taking the weight gain supplement make you feel sick or sluggish? If it does, then it’s probably no good and you should throw it out. If it’s not working as advertised, look to see if your diet and nutrition is in order. A good supplement should add to your nutritional program and speed up your progress, not make it worse.


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