5 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Are you fed up with that bulge around the middle? Would you like to see it starting to shrink? If you would then not only do you need to be performing the right sorts of exercises but also eating the right kinds of foods. In this article we take a look what we consider to be some of the best fat burning foods to lose belly fat.

5 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods To Lose Belly Fat
Food 1 – Oatmeal
Oatmeal contains a great deal of fibre and when eating in the morning can help to get your metabolism working effectively. So burning off fat becomes a lot easier. Also being rich in fibre you will discover that you won’t feel as hungry as quickly. However make sure that you only eat natural oatmeal and not the flavoured varieties as they contain lots of sugar.
Food 2 – Nuts
We have included this as one of the best fat burning foods to lose belly fat because they really do help to suppress your appetite. If you don’t feel hungry then of course the risk of you snacking is reduced. In a study carried out by the Purdue University it was found people who ate 24 almonds each day lost belly fat more effectively because they prevented them from feeling hungry but had very few calories.
Food 3 – Olive Oil
It is important that even when dieting some kind of fat is being consumed to help control our hunger. The reason for including olive oil in your diet is it a monounsaturated fat so it doesn’t contain properties that could increase your cholesterol levels.
Food 4 – Berries
Although they may be small they like other types of fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fibre. In fact if you were to consume just one cup of raspberries each day you would be getting six grams of fibre.
Food 5 – Eggs
You may be wondering why these have been included in our best fat burning foods to lose belly fat. Well these contain high levels of Vitamin B12 in them and which our bodies need in order to metabolize fat. In fact if you were to have eggs for breakfast each morning you would actually find yourself losing more weight than if you were to eat a bagel. However before you begin including eggs into your diet and you suffer from high cholesterol levels make sure to speak with your doctor first.
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