Building Muscle without Weight


Can This Really Be Done? For various reasons, some people simply want to know how building muscle without weights can be achieved. The easiest way is to just learn to work with your own body weight.  This is pretty easy to do, once you know the right exercises to achieve it.  Here are some exercises that can help anyone who is interested in building muscle without weights.  It is important in all these exercises to do the number of repetitions that is correct for your level.   Also, squeeze and really feel the muscles that you are targeting as much as you can.

  •                                          Push ups : Building Muscle

    Push ups

  •                                            Crunches : Building Muscle


  •                                    Leg Raises : Building Muscle

    Leg Raises

  •                                     Squats : Building Muscle

    Squats :

  •                            Calf Raises Standing Up : Building Muscle

    Calf Raises Standing Up

  •                                        Chin Ups : Building Muscle

    Chin Ups

  •                                            Pull Ups : Building Muscle

    Pull Ups

One of the best ways of building muscle without weights is through using your own body weight.  Some of the best exercises for doing this are pushups, crunches, leg raises and squats. Many find success with calf raises, chin ups and pull ups.  None of these exercises are easy but all bring really obvious results.  In many ways it is good to get used to building muscle without weights.  This means that you will be able to get a good workout anywhere, anytime, even if you don’t have any equipment, you can still get your workout program.


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