Calves Muscles – Exercises for your calf muscle

Most people who lift weights tend to neglect their calves but if you want a complete, fully developed and admirable body then you shouldn’t neglect your calves. They are hard to train and it does hurt to do it but the results will show if you train them as hard as you do your chest or biceps
You need to train your calves at different angles with heavy weights.

Here are the top exercises for the calf muscles

Calves Muscles

One Legged Calf Raises

One Legged Calf Raises

Stand with one foot on the edge of a board. Hold on to a weight in one hand and hold on to a stationary object with the other hand. Lower your heel of the board until your calf if fully stretched. Then lift your foot until you are standing on your toes as high up as you can.
Repeat for the other foot.

Barbell Calf Raises

One Legged Calf Raises

Stand on a board with both your feet. With your heels over the edge of the board and a barbell across your back lower until you stretch your calves. Higher yourself up with your calf muscles until they are fully contracted.
Variations include using different foot positions to fully maximise calf development.

Seated Calf Raises

One Legged Calf Raises

Using a seated calf machine place your knees under the bar and place your feet on the board with your heels over the edge.
Stretch and contract your calf muscle like before to fully work them.
Variations include working the feet one at a time.

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