3 most effective ways how to increase weight fast

How to increase weight fast is one of the main problems that pari passu with losing it disturbs many people because everybody wants to be attractive and have a nice shape. That is why I am offering you to acquaint yourself with the main ways of putting on weight. But of course which way to chose is only up to you.
First of all you should decide what kind of weight you want to increase.
It might be mostly fat mass or still muscle one. But I think that there is hardly a person who would like to increase weight with the help of fat, but of course things happen.
So let us acquaint ourselves with all of the ways How to increase weight fast one by one…
how to increase weight fast
1. The first way of increasing weight —
is eating high-calorific food and “bad” carbohydrates with high glycemic index.
It could be all carbohydrates that cause a jump of glucose level in your blood which leads to hyperglycemia. These carbohydrates usually have glycemic index which is above 50.
First of all it is white sugar whether it is pure or combined with other food. For example, sweets, candies. Here we also can apply all industrially processed food, especially bread made with white flour, white rice; drinks, especially alcohol drinks; potato and maize.
When using these foods you will put on weight, but you will have to pay for it with your health, because overweight affects your body in a negative way.
2. The second way of increasing weight fast –
is not that easy and fast as the first way, but it is more healthy – it is gaining muscle mass with the help of weight training or with the help of bodybuilding.
But is this case you will not just put on some weight, you will also make your body nice and strong, and it will not be a shame to show such a body to others.
But, to use this way you have to be very patient, because there is no way to gain muscles without special training programs, proper diet and rest.
That is why forget that utopian thought that you will go to gym, take small dumbbells or sit on a stimulator and everything will go off without a hitch. That will never happen that way.
Hire yourself a personal trainer and read more books about bodybuilding and only after that you will understand whether you really need it all and whether you would be able to bear such a rhythm. Or maybe it would be better to use the first way – to lie on the sofa and eat candies and cakes.
3. but there is another one way to increase weight fast –
It is very fast, but it can destroy your organism – it is bodybuilding using anabolic steroids.
In this way of increasing weight you will definitely grow, but just like Vladimir Turchinski once said, ‘The amount of harm that anabolic steroids will cause to your organism cannot be compared with the results that they will give you’.
Anyway, it is up to you which way to chose. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on what you really need. Maybe you need to work out your muscles, then you should chose the way number 3, but if you want to be healthy and be in a good shape, then you should chose the way number 2.
And which way of increasing weight of your body suits you?


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