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It’s been a little while since my last post, and things have been crazy!  I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and have to admit that I haven’t been able to focus as much attention on the site or my muscle building as I would like.  Now that things have settled down a bit, hopefully I’ll be able to focus on the site.  You may have noticed a few changes to the design of the site, which is an ever-evolving work of art and will continue to morph and change over time.

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk a little bit about staying motivated in your muscle building mission.

Everyone goes through times when they lose focus or motivation towards their muscle building goal (or any goal for that matter).  What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to both realize the lack of focus, as well as overcoming this hurdle and continuing on your path of greatness!

Muscle Building

Sometimes a lack of motivation will be blatantly obvious, but there can be times where it may not be so obvious.  I tend to not notice my lack of motivation and focus when I become so busy and wrapped up in other things and projects.  My attention can very easily shift during these times, and it can often take a while until things slow down a bit and I can reevaluate my priorities and focus.

People may lose focus for only a couple days, which is great, while other people may lose focus for months (or even years).  It’s not necessarily important how long you’ve lost focus or motivation, but rather if you’re willing to pick things back up again or decide to throw in the towel.

It seems the longer you’re without focus or motivation, the more difficult it becomes to pick the pieces back up – and this is especially true in muscle building.  It’s important to look at your original goals you had set and determine if they’re still meaningful to you.  In muscle building goals, people will generally have the same goal or ideal body composition that they started with.  This is a great motivating factor to get you back on that horse, and back in the gym.

If you feel that you may have strayed from your original muscle building plan, I urge you to take a look at where you may have gone wrong and what kind of adjustments you can make to get back on track.  If you’ve been sticking to your guns and following a muscle building plan, I congratulate you and wish you continued success.

Stay motivated, Stay fit, and Stay on top of your game!


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