Best Ab Machine? – Why Ab Machines Do Not Work

What is the best ab machine? To be honest they really do not work well. But what about seeing it on TV? If they are on TV with all those testimonials they must be true. If you are serious about getting six pack abs and melting away the belly fat then you must understand a few things. For one thing ab machines are the least effective way to work your abs along with doing a bunch of regular crunches on the floor. Heck you do not even need any ab equipment to get abs. Why waste your time and money? So you can have a bulky contraption sit in your den to gather dust?

Why Ab Machines Do Not Work

They stabilize your body for you. By using any machines for any muscles you limit your body and instead of working them hard you let the machine do most of the work for you. The result? There is no real result. You can get abs so much easier and faster by doing effective ab exercises like reverse crunches. These are just one of many powerful ab exercises that do not require any equipment. Heck you can do them right now if you wanted to give your abs a nice workout.
Besides doing effective ab exercises you should also be focusing on burning your belly fat so your abs are visible. Ab machines do a terrible job of doing this. The best way to lose belly fat is by dieting the right way and by doing compound exercises like squats.

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