How Long Does It Take to Get Ripped Abs?

Variable Number 1: Your body fat percentage
If you’re currently on any gym membership, chances are they’ll have the fat measurement machine to give you a rough estimation of your body fat percentage. Otherwise, you can visit a doctor and ask for a measurement of your body fat percentage. Take note though, i would advise that you ask how much it will cost you BEFORE you go ahead with the procedure… nowadays, even a simple procedure can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Finally, you can measure your own body fat percentage at home using the skin fold callipers method. Just Google “Skin fold callipers method”.

How Long Does It Take to Get Ripped Abs?
Variable Number 2: How fast you lose fat
This is a crucial factor in determining how fast you can see results. It all depends on how focused and determined you are in losing fat (and building ab muscles). Everyone have a different threshold which they would not cross. I know of friends who gym regularly to get a toned physique but are not willing to go cold turkey on their eating habits, e.g. they still snack late at night and drink occasionally. Eating their favourite food is a matter of life and death for some people.
Variable Number 3: At what body fat percentage will the abs start showing
This varies for everyone and is different for men and women. For some men, it will show at 8% and for others maybe 6%. For some women, it shows at 10% and others at 12%. It will also depend on how developed your abdominal muscles are, so it will definitely be beneficial to have you watching your diet AND building your core muscles at the same time.
Supplement advice: Notice that I did not say, “Just build your abdominal muscles”, because you would need to develop your back muscles (to complement your abdominal muscles) as well as your pectoral muscles. Imagine how strange you’ll look if your pectoral muscles are under-developed and your abs are ripped! Balance is the key to looking good!
In general, for most people, it takes anywhere from four to eighteen months to start seeing those abs. But if you’re super dedicated, you might just be able to pull this off in about 10 weeks.
But please do not starve yourself or try to dehydrate yourself because ultimately, there’s no point in dropping either mass or water and destroying your health in the process.
Do it right, do it the balanced way.
So there you have it, the variables to estimating how long you’d take to start seeing those abs! If you liked what you’ve read in this article, there’s plenty more where this came from by other “abxperts” (just a term i coined for experts in abs, you’ve seen it here first!)



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