Three Secrets to Building Bigger Arms

Weight lifting and building muscle requires a lot of hard, sometimes painful exercise, but most fail to reach their full potential. Read three secrets to building bigger arms.

Three Secrets to Building Bigger Arms

Improve Forearm Strength
Isolating muscle groups is essential to increasing muscle mass, but also leads to neglecting secondary muscle groups. Building your biceps, for example, requires precise technique to isolate the varying bicep heads. What most will overlook is the forearm strength needed at the beginning of every movement. A moderate increase in forearm strength will allow you to increase the weight used during bicep movements which can help grow additional muscle mass.
Blast Your Triceps
Large, thick biceps are an impressive sight which develops a misconception of how to build bigger arms. When trying to increase the circumference of the arms, most will pour a lot of energy into increasing the size of their biceps. It’s actually the tricep muscles which represents a much larger portion of the arm. The tricep, when equally developed, will represent 75% of your arm measurement. If you’re trying to gain size on your arms, you should be giving your triceps a great deal of attention.
Stretch Before And After Sets
Stretching and weight lifting don’t seem like a natural partnership. When asked, most beginners will associate stretching with activities like ballet or yoga. Ask a professional body builder about stretching and you’ll most likely get an education on how to elongate the muscle tissue to increase the appearance of volume. Stretching can help prevent injuries and also increase the surface area of your muscle tissue making it appear bigger when relaxed.

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