Why Free Weights Are Better for You Than Exercise Machines

Spending all of that money on those expensive weights machines is not completely necessary. There are better ways to workout that are more effective, as far as muscle gain is concerned, and they are one twentieth of the price. Did you know that you could workout every major muscle in your body with just a pair of adjustable dumbbells? I’m going to tell you why that is, so that you can avoid being tempted to empty your wallet at the sight of a good-looking weights machine.
First of all it is a lot better to do free weight than to do machine weights. Have you ever noticed that while exercising one particular muscle you can push more weight on an exercise machine than with free weights? This is because the exercise machines eliminate the use of your stabilization muscles causing you to focus only on the one particular muscle. This might sound good to you; however, it is not good at all because, while you will have some strong muscles in your body, your stabilization muscles will be as weak as they were before you started.
Free weights are better for muscle gain but you do have to be careful while carrying them out because there is a higher potential that you could get an injury from them. Here are some important tips to consider when carrying out free weights.
Keep your back straight and bend at the knees. This is the golden rule of free weights and it is the reason behind most weight lifting injuries. You don’t want your muscles to get wasted away while you are resting because your back is out of line. Also, when lifting free weights, never lift anything more than you are capable of. Although it might not seem like it, lifting weights can be very dangerous.
Golden rule number two of free weights is that you must always workout with a buddy when doing exercises such as the squat or bench press. This is because if the weight suddenly became too heavy half way through a set your buddy could lift the weights off your chest. This is very important. Many people have died from the bar falling on their chest.
So next time you see that two thousand dollar “muscle maker pro 9000”, just remember that free weights is better for you. It will save you the cash out of your pocket and it will also be more beneficial.

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