Dumbbell Exercises Women Should Do For Better Results


It is a sad fact, but most women go about acquiring weight loss results in the most inefficient ways.

Even when women realize that resistance training is more effective than long, slow cardio for losing body fat and sculpting their bodies, they don’t pick the best exercises that would allow them to get more results in less time.

Most women workout using isolation exercises such as bicep curls, triceps kick-backs, crunches, lateral raises, and other ineffective exercises.

I will be blunt just to get the main point across: if you want to lose body fat and sculpt lean, sexy muscle, you absolutely must choose the best dumbbell exercises.

The following list will provide the best dumbbell and bodyweight exercises that you should do to transform you body in the least amount of time possible. I am including bodyweight exercises as well because they are incredibly effective and should definitely be included in your workouts.

Andreia Brazier

Note: the abbreviation “DB” means dumbbell

Legs – Hamstrings/Quadriceps/Butt:

-Lunges (lateral, crossover, walking, reverse)

-DB Squats (suitcase, front, close stance, sumo)

-DB Romanian Deadlift (single leg)

-DB Step-ups

-DB Bulgarian Split Squats

-DB Swings (double DB, one arm)


-DB Chest Press (one arm, flat bench, incline)

-DB Floor Press

-Standing DB Overhead Press

-DB Push Press

-Push-ups (spiderman, grasshopper, hindu, close grip)



-DB Row (two point)

-DB Renegade Row

-Chin-ups (pull-ups, neutral grip)

-Inverted Rows

-DB Pullover

Total Body Exercises:


-Squat Thrusts

-DB Snatch

-DB Clean and Press

Those exercises will help you sculpt your body and jack up your fat burning furnace better than any machine exercise ever could.

In fact, if you using nothing but those exercises, I guarantee you would build a body that most people only dream about.

Now that you know the best dumbbell and bodyweight exercises that will get you more results in less time, you are ready for a sample workout. As you will see, the sample workout will include one exercise from the groups above. This will allow you to work every single muscle in your body each time you workout.

Dumbbell Workout for Women:

-1 Arm DB Swings x 12 each side

-1 Arm DB Push Press x 12 each side

-Two Point DB Row x 12

-Burpees x 10

Perform each exercise back to back taking rest breaks only as needed. You want to keep moving as much as possible because this is more effective for burning body fat. Repeat the circuit for a total of three to five rounds.

Dumbbell Workout for Women 2:

-DB Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 each leg

-DB Chest Press x 8

-Chin-ups x 8 (if you can’t perform a chin-up, use the assisted version where you have your feet on a box and use leg drive to assist you. This is much more effective than a lat pulldown)

-1 Arm DB Snatch x 5

Once again, perform each exercise one right after the other with minimal rest. Repeat the circuit for a total of three to six times.


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