Workout Routines for Women – Lift Heavy, Look Fit!

There is a huge misconception in the fitness world that only men should lift heavy weights, and that women should stick to light, “toning” routines. Many women fear they will get big or bulky if they lift heavy. Nonsense! Do you realize how hard it is for MEN to gain muscle mass, even with their testosterone and larger calorie consumption? Nobody, man or woman, will ever get “too big” for their liking on accident.
The truth about workout routines for women is that they should contain mostly heavy lifting! Lifting heavy weights has a variety of benefits for women. First, it helps stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue. This extra muscle helps create a slim, fit body contour. In other words, it makes you “toned.” You can’t actually “tone” your muscles with high reps on those little pink dumbbells – you’ve got to actually build that firm muscle tissue with heavy weights.

The second benefit of lifting heavy weights it that gaining a few extra pounds of muscle can help burn fat. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, which means it’s constantly burning calories. Gain some more muscle, and you’ll be able to lose fat more quickly or just eat a little more of the foods you like without consequence!
Third, heavy lifting is a type of exercise that “stays with you” all day. Whereas walking, jogging, and other moderate-paced cardio exercises only burn fat while you’re doing them, a hard weights workout will keep your metabolism raised and revving at high speed for the rest of the day.
Finally, workout routines for women should contain plenty of heavy lifting because it’s fun! Many people complain about going to the gym not because they’re lazy, but because it can be so boring. Given the average workout routine, they’re right! Hours of treadmill walking and stair stepping combined with long, high-rep sets of light lifting gets old quick.
Lifting heavy provides a new, fun challenge every time you’re in the gym! It may seem weird to think about now, but you’ll start to get excited about setting a new personal record on the squat or pushing more weight than you ever have on the bench press. Besides, these workouts take much less time, anyway. Get in, have fun, get your work done quickly, and get on with the rest of your day!
Hopefully you can see that workout routines for women should actually be all about lifting heavy weights and getting stronger. Leave the boring cardio routines for people who can’t handle some harder exercise! If you get stronger and eat right, you will develop a slim, lean physique.

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