The Best Exercises For Shoulder Muscles

Having massive shoulders creates an illusionary physique. All the bodybuilders with massive shoulders always get very high points in the symmetry round. It also makes you look bigger than you actually are. In this article I will point out the best exercises for shoulder muscles.
Front Presses
Barbell front presses are an excellent way to build the front deltoids. It can be done on a smith machine or seated using a bar. Standing without back support from a bench will force the mid and upper back regions to grow. as these regions are required to support the shoulders and upper body as they are working. You can also use dumbbell presses, they keep more of the tension on the side head of the deltoid.

Best Exercises For Shoulder
Side Laterals
This exercise works the side head of the deltoid. The best way to do this exercise is leaning laterals with dumbbells. You can hold on to something with one hand, with the other hand raise the dumbbell until it is parallel to the floor. Leaning takes the tension off the neck area and traps and keeps the tension on the area you want to target. You can also use side laterals with dumbbells. If you raise the weight then, the arm has to fall short of being parallel to the ground a little, to keep the tension on the delts at all times and keep the traps out of the exercise.
Rear Rear Laterals
Bend yourself at the waist so you are at a 90 degree angle facing the floor. Using 2 dumbbells or cabels, raise them out and away from the body while still remaining bent over. Keep the tension on the rear deltoids by raising the dumbbells or cables with as little momentum as possible. Do not cheat with this exercise.
Bend down at the knees and keep your back straight. with one smooth motion, while keeping the back straight and erect, stand up and “jerk” the bar upright, so the elbows stay higher than your wrists, “catching” the bar on the chest.



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