Biceps and Triceps Workout For Fitness

We men are obsessed about three things in life- our receding hairline, our increasing waistline, and our bulging arm. A good set of bicep and triceps is to a man what the moustache was to an Indian Maharaja. Well to drive home the point we are ferociously proud of our arm bulges and like to spend three days a week only on Biceps and Triceps workout.
It is possible to add inches of muscle mass on your arm in just about 8 weeks. Before going on to Biceps and Triceps workout it is important to understand the anatomy of the arm. The arm consists of the bicep, triceps and the forearms. The bicep is actually in the front of the arm and is smaller than the triceps. It has two heads therefore the name biceps. Similarly the triceps have three heads and so the tri in its name.

Biceps and Triceps Workout
It is important to remember that you do not over train these muscles or else any amount of exercises that you do would not work. If you are still having problem which is bicep and which triceps remember that whenever you are rowing something you are using your bicep, when you are doing some pressing movement for the chest you are using your triceps. The forearms are into play when you lift weights.
Bicep workouts: 
Standing Barbell curls: Grip a barbell. Keep your hand on the rod with equal distance. Your shoulder and feet should be wide apart.. Keeping your elbow close to your torso, try to hang the barbell in the front. Move your forearm with the bicep strength to curl the barbell to the shoulder level. Repeat this for 12 times in a set. Ideally 2 sets.
Standing Dumbell curls: This is similar to barbell curls only it is done with dumbbells. The position should be the same as the above one.
Dumbell Hammer curls: Take the dumbbell in your hand. Stand with your legs and shoulder apart. Keeping your elbows close to your torso, use the strength of your forearm and biceps to pick up the dumbbells.
Incline Dumbell curls: This is done sitting. Let the dumbbell hang on arm’s length and try to pick it up slowly. This position expands the muscles more than in standing position. Preacher curls and dumbbell concentration curls are other effective exercises to add that bulk to your arms. But remember it is not the weight that you are picking up that is adding those bulks but your slow motion muscle workout. So never take more weights than that you can handle.
Triceps workout include:
• Lying Barbell extension
• Close grip bench press
• Triceps dumbbell extensions
• Triceps push downs
• Triceps dumbbell kickbacks
• Triceps bench dips



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