Dumbbell Complex Workout For Your Shoulders And Back

Dumbbell Complexes a cool tool for a lot of different reasons… one of the main ones is the variety of different fitness goals they can be effectively used for by plugging in different variables like rep range, intensity (in the context of 1RM %), total volume, etc.
As an example, I have a muscle-building, burn-out-type dumbbell complex that primarily hits the Shoulders and Back for you to try – here’s how to do it: 
 Shoulders And Back exercise
  • Start with six DB Front Raises
  • Go immediately to six DB Upright Rows
  • Move to six DB Arnold Presses
  • Finish with six DB Bent Over Rows
And a few notes to help you get the most out of this complex: 
  • I’ve placed the ‘hardest’ exercise (the exercise you’ll likely be able to use the least weight with) first in the complex; the exercises get ‘harder’ as the set goes on.
  • It’s okay to have two sets of weights if you find that the weight you started with isn’t challenging enough for the Arnold Presses and Bent Over Rows – just make sure to switch weights as fast as possible.
  • Shoot to rest about 30-60 seconds between complexes.
  • After your 30-60 second rest, repeat the complex one to three more times.
This is just one example of a dumbbell complex you could use to finish off a Shoulders and/or Back workout to burn them out and get a great pump. Dumbbell complexes can be ‘isolation-focused’ in nature, like this one, or they can be more total-body, conditioning and ‘cardio’ focused. Integrate the dumbbell complex into your workouts today for added variety, intensity and progress towards your fitness goals!



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