5 SuperFoods You Should Eat If You Want a Lean Sexy Body With Six Pack Abs

Having six pack abs and a lean sexy body will get you plenty of attention and your friends will envy you but before you start trying to build that kind of body you need to know some of the “super foods” which you need to include in a lot of your meals if you want to have that kind of body. Below are 5 “super foods” which will help you to get a lean sexy body and sculpted six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs
It’s no surprise that bodybuilders eat plenty of fish when they are in there ripping up stage of training. This is because fish has high amounts of protein but with low carbohydrates. The fat levels are actually very high but don’t let this fool you as they are mostly good fats which are vital for burning body fat. you may not be a body builder and that’s fine but fish is still to be eaten a lot none the less because it has lots of nutrients and fats which are vital for building muscle and losing belly fat.
Nuts and seeds
These have high amounts of fibre and good fats as well which make them a perfect choice if you want a lean body and six pack abs. They are also great for snacks because they help to keep your blood sugar levels under control which helps to control cravings. Nuts and seeds are a very important part of your eating plan which many fitness models also eat on a regular basis too.
Eggs are probably one of the best forms of protein you can eat but what you didn’t probably know is that in the boiled egg form they actually provide you with more nutrients. Also forget about any myth about eating the yolk is bad for you, the yolk actually has most of the nutrients which is why you eat eggs in the first place.
Berries contain lots of antioxidants and vitamins which are great for your body and also help to control your blood sugar levels. Berries can be eaten as snacks during the day and also added to your breakfast, not to mention smoothies and shakes that you make too.
Broccoli is one of the best vegetables that you can eat if you are looking to lose body or belly fat as they have a lot of fat burning qualities and nutrients in them. They make an awesome choice to have with meals through out the day. Although broccoli is one of the best forms of vegetables to eat, other vegetables should still be eaten as part of your eating plan to lose weight, pack on muscle or build six pack abs.



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