Muscle Building – 5 Rules You MUST Follow

There are a few rules that muscle building pros follow closely. They follow these rules with a passion because they work! These rules keep these guys on track and help them receive maximum output for their input. Here are just a few of those rules…

Muscle Building - 5 Rules You MUST Follow
#1 – Set SPECIFIC Goals
It is not enough to say I want hot abs or large arm muscles. You need to be specific on what you want so that the things you do are relevant to that goal. If you are not specific, then you won’t know when you are on track or off track. Grab a piece of paper and write out specifically what you want. Include the date of when you want to have this.
#2 – Workout Occasionally
This may not make sense to you, but it works. Put it this way: If you do too much workouts you will not give your muscles enough time to repair themselves. You need to take some time to rest. Most people think that you need to train as much as possible. This is not true. When you are training, your muscles do not get a chance to repair themselves. When you are motionless, they do.
#3 – Lift Heavier weights
If you lift weights that your body is used to, the muscle size you have will remain the same. Your body will not have any need to increase its size and strength. When you lift weights you aren’t used to, your body says “hey, I’m not used to this, I should increase muscle strength so I can keep up.” This is exactly what you want.
#4 – Eat More
Because of all the workouts and exercises you are doing, your body will need more energy. Bigger people and animals eat more food. Since you are getting bigger, your muscles need all the food they can get. Don’t be afraid to be a pig sometimes.
#5 – Eat Right
It is not enough to just eat more; you also need to eat right. You must eat the right foods that give you the right amount of energy and the right nutrients. Foods like this include chicken, beef, vegetables, fruits, and certain types of supplements.



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