10 Top Barbell Exercises Uncovered

When a body builder is looking to build a fabulously muscular body, the barbell is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Barbells are weight lifting devices that have discs on both ends. This allows the weight to be adjusted to meet the desired weight for an individual lifter.
The barbells accurate rate is something each bodybuilder must determine accurately. The entire workout routine depends upon this knowledge. Working with unsure weights can result in the under or over training of the bodybuilders muscles. Too much weight can actually be dangerous to the builder. You should speak with a trainer before beginning.
Since many bodybuilders cite the barbell as their favorite piece of equipment here are the top ten exercises. Many bodybuilders of all levels use them in their personal training.

Barbell Exercises

1. Bar Curl- Your triceps will get the work out primarily with bar curls. The barbell is the only piece of equipment you need for this exercise. Standing in one place with your feet shoulders width apart, you lift the barbell from hip level towards the shoulders.
2. Bench Press- For this exercise you need a bench. The move is done from a lying position, lifting the barbell with the arms. Your arms should be spaced around two feet apart. You then lower the bar towards your chest and back up again for around 10 – 12 repetitions.
3. Decline Bench Press– The only difference between this exercise and the bench press is your bench in declined around 10-25 degrees.
4. Preacher Curl- For this movement you are in the seated position on a preacher curl bench. The seat of the bench will need to be adjusted for you specifically, not too high or too low. With elbows resting on the pad hold the bar shoulders length apart, palms pointed up extend your arms. Now slowly curl the bar toward your chin.
5. Seated Concentration Barbell Curl– This movement is similar to the preacher curl, however you do not have the benefit of the bench. This means no pads for elbow support. The barbell is held palms facing up while your shoulders remain in line with your knees. Raise the barbell up toward the chin and back down again. This is completed in a slow controlled manner.
6. French Press- This move is done in the seated position as well. You beginning position is with the barbell raised over your head, palms facing outward and elbows extended. You then lower the barbell to a position just behind your head.
7. Spider Curl- This exercise is done standing but with use of the preacher curl bench. Instead of sitting on the bench, the pad is turned to the side of the straight edge. From a standing position, lower the barbell until the elbows are stretched and then slowly raise it back toward the chin.
8. Power Rack Half Press- You will need to position an inclined bench in the power rack. You will start with the barbell at hair level. Now hold the barbell at shoulders length with the elbows pointing out and raise it until your elbows are extended.
9. California Press- Lying on your back hold the barbell at shoulders length. The barbell should be lowered to your chin and then raised back until your elbows are extended. This movement is a combination actually of the lying triceps extension and close grip press exercise.
10. Triceps Extension: Swiss Ball- This routine requires the use of a Swiss ball. Start your movement lying on the Swiss ball with the barbell slightly behind your head. Next, raise it directly over your head while shifting your body on the ball. You will then lower the barbell back to the starting position.
The above are some of the most recommended barbell exercise routines and you will see many bodybuilders using them at the gym. Several of the exercises may seem similar to each other with very little differences; however, the difference lies in the particular muscle group that is being affected. Experts everywhere recommend these exercises.
The barbell is a key component to improving the muscles and body of a body builder. The barbell and a few other devices such as the dumbbell are essential to good muscle structure. For all intents and purposes, the bodybuilder’s best friend is the barbell.
Regardless of what your reasons are, exercise is a great way to look and feel fantastic. The bottom line is you need to work out and the gym is the best place to do that.


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