Strong Legs – How to Build Them in 7 Easy Steps

Physical exercises are highly recommended as they strengthen the skeletal system, tone and increase muscle strength, improve functional ability and general fitness, but they also increase the peripheral circulation. Going to gym to build strong legs may become a pleasure.
With the help of gym accessories, to work on these muscle groups becomes easier. Bosu ball is apparently one of the most popular gym accessories. Only one half of this ball is protruding; the rest is flat in order to provide a perfect stability. Jumping on such a ball and various exercises will not only tone your muscles, but will also burn fats.
Strong Legs
Here are several exercises with the ball which, being done consistently, are effective in gaining and maintaining lumbar mobility and strengthening abdominal muscles:
1. Initial position: standing with each foot on one ball and the hands lying along the body.
2. Flexing your legs, but your hands must be carried in front.
3. Maintain balance by keeping the previous position, but your fists must be strong clenched, which leads to an additional strain to the muscles, including those of arms and back.
4. From the previous position, make a jump with enthusiasm, on the spot, raise your hands, imitating the movements of volleyball or rugby, but be careful to return on the ball. Do this ten times at the beginning, then increase the number as you get used to this type of training.
5-6. Change the position: put the balls in front and, as a relaxing movement, flex abreast each leg in the front position.
7. The previous movement is made this time on the ball. Repeat it ten times with each leg.
Be careful!
Repeat the movement of point 7, 15 to 40 times on each leg, ensuring that it remains parallel with the back leg, which leads you to a great efficiency.



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