Four Quick Reasons Why Most People FAIL at Getting Rock Hard Muscles

Do you exercise and not see the results you want? The four reasons why most people don’t ever get the muscle building results they want, You are not challenging your muscles above it’s normal plateau, You muscles need a vacation, Too much reliance on supplements, Working out at the wrong times.  I’m like most people and don’t like wasting my time in the gym.  I go there on a mission to commit 100% to my workout.  

Four Quick Reasons Why Most People FAIL at Getting Rock Hard Muscles

 1.  Not going above and beyond.  This is about lifting weights above your muscles normal thresh-hold.  Heck, I used to exercise by lifting at 60 to 80% one Rep max and would see only minimal gain.  Ask your certified trainer for guidance.  I want to challenge my muscles to grown,  not be comfortable with any weight level for too long.
2.  Not getting enough sleep.  This is more critical and too often is taken lightly.  Growth hormones are released 30-45 minutes after falling asleep and higher quality sleep releases testosterone.  If your not getting enough sleep at-least 8 hours then your cheating your self.  Create a regular sleeping schedule that your body can depend on and make it a habit.  My problem is too much sleep, but that’s another article.
3.  Relying on supplements.  Sure they can add to your calorie count but they can also add chemicals, sugar and other stuff your body can get from normal healthy foods.  Exercise, a healthy diet, and sleep builds muscle, not supplements.  You will see more results if you pay attention to your diet, exercise routine and getting the proper amount of sleep than taking supplements and your wallet will thank you.
4.  Low testosterone levels.  This does not mean shooting up artificially.  There are many ways that will increase your testosterone levels like getting enough sleep, targeting your legs, exercise intensity and the time of day you work out.  Studies have shown that working out in the early evening is more effective than a morning workout  (when testosterone levels are at its lowest).

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