Diet For Abs – Step by Step to Ripped Sexy Six Pack Abs

Are you set on flattening your tummy or maybe you have a burning desire to show off a six pack stomach? Well, that goal is well within reach, you may just not know where to start. Many times, we get so wrapped up in how awesome we would look and feel and immediately jump into a less than perfect plan to achieve those six pack abs.

Diet For Abs - Step by Step to Ripped Sexy Six Pack Abs
Your results may have been less than spectacular.
Your plan fizzles within a week or so because the emphasis is on ineffective diet and exercise strategies that cause us to work waaaaaay too hard and not smart, so you see NO change!
You need to step back and envision a plan that you know WILL work, results you can SEE. It worked for me and will for you.
The first step is educating yourself on what works and what doesn’t work so you can set realistic goals and expectations for achieving a six pack, or even just flattening your stomach. You can’t just decide one day ” I want flat abs” And start doing 100 sit ups and expect anything resembling a six pack!
So let’s relax and a get a plan that will not only get you six pack abs, but help you keep them as well.
The best most successful plan to get ripped abs used by thousands works because it puts diet first. Diet is 80% of the process in gaining ab definition. Cutting out foods that convert into belly fat need to be eliminated immediately. Like NOW. This needs to be done before you do one sit up or crunch!
It’s simple..reduce body fat percentage and you’ll lose fat around your gut as well. And the best way to do that is by radically changing our diet. I’m barely talking about exercise in this article for a good reason. Direct ab exercise without considering diet will not achieve your goals for a six pack, it’s a proven fact.
So work smart not hard! You can see results in about 4- 6 weeks, and look awesome at the pool or beach, following this mindset. Get pumped up about achieving your new body because it’s totally within your reach!



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