Get Abs in 4 Weeks – Washboard Abs Game Plan

You can see significant results in 4 weeks for obtaining washboard abs and becoming much leaner. Here’s a 4 week plan to follow.

Get Abs in 4 Weeks - Washboard Abs Game Plan
Week 1 – Cut down your calories. Don’t go drastic, just start to eat less with each meal. Start doing some form of exercise 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. Don’t even worry about doing any ab exercises this week. This week is all about warming your body up and not shocking it too hard. Most people go too hard there first week and burn their body out. If you go too hard, too soon you won’t get results. And no matter how hard you go, the body just isn’t going to respond to everything at once in the first week. Ease into it.
Week 2 – Keep cleaning up your diet, eating a bit less this week and getting rid of the obvious fatty foods. Exercise 4 times a week, shoot for 30 minutes a session. Start implementing abdominal exercises, but just pick one and do it 3 times this week. Step it up, but again, don’t go into overdrive.
Week 3 – Now you really want to zero in more on diet. Cut out all heavy carbohydrates, such as bread and pastas. Big carbohydrate meals are notorious for putting on fat and not allowing the body to burn the existing fat. Try to eat mainly vegetables for carbohydrates, some fruit, and some servings of grains (for instance 1 bowl of oatmeal per day). Exercise 5 times a week for 30-40 minutes a session and do 2 abdominal exercises 3 times a week.
Week 4 – Basically the same as week 3, with further concentration on vegetables as your main carb source. Continue your cardiovascular exercise shooting for 40-45 minutes a session, and add a third ab exercise to your routine.
You should definitely see some results, and depending on your condition at the start you may see full on abs, or at least an outline of washboards (meaning you’ll have to keep going to get full on washboard abs).



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