How to Increase Bicep Size and Build Big Biceps!

I personally love going to the gym. I love to workout but I love to workout on my arms. Any exercise that i think will hit my arms hard is something i love to work with. When it’s a day that calls for focusing on my arms i make sure i work hard to increase bicep size. Gaining an inch or so on my biceps is all im thinking about as im working out.
In order to get those guns blazing and bursting out of your sleeves, you must make sure you do certain things consistently to achieve the desired growth. Using the right exercises that stress the biceps hard is important. You don’t want to mess around with exercises that are a waste of time. The ideal exercises you should use are the ones that allow you to move the most weight and hits the target muscle hard.

How to Increase Bicep Size and Build Big Biceps!

For example, my personal favorite is an exercise that most people do not like. That exercise is the chin up. Chins ups are very effective at building the biceps as well as other muscles. This movement allows you to pull heavy weight which in this case is your body weight. Your biceps are primary movers of your body weight along with your lats. If you decide to add weight, all you have to do is get a weight chain. By utilizing a weight chain you will be able to add plates on the chain which will hang from your waist. That way you can add weight and progressively get stronger and bigger as time goes on.
Another great exercise to use in your workout are simple barbell curls. Barbell curls allow you to move heavy weight and it places great emphasis on the biceps, especially if you don’t cheat. When you cheat you are just letting your form break down and let other muscles come into play on the exercise. Cheating should only be used on the absolute hardest reps of the set.
A very important fact that most people tend to forget is that muscle is not built in the gym, it is broken down. If the muscle is broken down then it must rebuild itself. Muscles rebuild themselves while you are sleeping. Therefore, adequate rest and sleep is very important if you want to are trying to increase bicep size. This rebuilding process also depends heavily on your diet. You should get a lot of vitamins, minerals, and especially protein. Protein is very important in building muscle.
For building big biceps or any other muscle, the formula is always the same. Simply lift hard, eat right, get lots of rest, and be consistent. That’s really all there is to it.
When are you going to get started on building the type of arms that command attention? Are you satisfied with your arms? Or could they be more to your liking if you worked just a little bit harder? Look in the mirror right now…can they be better?
If you been having trouble getting results, then you need to change what you’re doing. Without change, you will remain the same!


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