Bigger Arms Workout

A lot of people who start with bodybuilding or they just want to gain muscle at home make mistakes that slowly hurt their progress of arm building. Here you will get all the tips and arm building exercises, workouts that will help you get a bigger arm and faster results!

Before you start working on your arm muscles which include biceps, triceps and forearm workouts you need to get some basic info on nutrition for MASS and DEFINITION which are two most important sections when it comes to bodybuilding or gaining muscles.

Arms Workout

MASS is the time when you need to feed your muscles with a lot of proteins and food, the time when you gain most of the muscles and also a lot of weight. You need to eat a lot of proteins, sleep a lot and have minimum of 6 meals per day which include meat and a lot of proteins.

DEFINITION is the time when you lose weight and shape your muscles to look better, be perfect! In that time you also eat a lot, but you eat only proteins, you need to eat less fat and carbo which is the main part of diet. You need to go running and do other activities. Your workout needs to be longer than 1.30 hour to burn a lot of fat on your muscles and get perfectly toned arm muscles.

Now that you know the basic you can start working on this best arm building exercises and workouts which will give you faster results, if you will follow my tips on nutrition and next tip which is about workout. It is a enough if you work 1-2 times per week on your arms, more will not help you! Also try to change the workout each week, to get faster results, trust me!

Arms Workout
Arms Workout

Here are some of the best exercises you can follow right away:

  • Barbell Biceps Curls – One of the main and most important exercise for biceps muscle. Do around 3-4 routines per day with 12-8 lifts which is enough!
  • Concentration Curls – The exercise that you need to do after the end of each workout, do slowly lifts with low weight and concentration on your biceps. Work with dumbbells!
  • Close Grip Bench Press – The main exercise for stronger and bigger triceps muscle. This exercise if you do it right will really help you gain a lot of strength!
  • Cable Triceps Extension – Do triceps push downs using the cable. Do slowly push downs with low weight and a lot of routines. Concentrate on your triceps, this exercise will shape it perfectly!
  • Dumbbells Lying Pronation – One of the best exercises for forearm muscle which is also important. Do forearm building once per week it is enough, do not forget about forearm!

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