Six Pack Abs Diet – 7 Nutritional Rules You Must Follow For Six Pack Abs

So many people get it wrong when trying to get a flat stomach. It makes sense that in order to get six pack abs you need to follow a six pack abs diet.
But keep in mind that this does not mean you have to cut out carbs and eat nothing but salad with no dressing. Just do it casually by following these powerful rules for proper nutrition.

Six Pack Abs Diet
1) Eat clean foods. Foods in their natural state are the kinds to consume. Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and lean meats should all be staples of your six pack abs diet.
2) Do not starve yourself. If you do this you will end up caving in and binging o junk food. It slows down your metabolism. Remember you are trying to burn fat and lose muscle.
3) Eat more frequently. Ideally you should be eating 4-6 times a day. These should be small balanced meals full of nutritious foods. Try to eat every 3 hours.
4) Have breakfast every morning. Never skip meals meals especially the most important meal of the day. Eat something healthy. That way you set the trend for the day and you will not crave junk food.
5) Limit your starchy carbs. Oatmeal, bread, pasta, and rice are all loaded with complex carbs and calories. The best times to eat them are only for breakfast and after a workout.
6) Get healthy fats and protein with every meal. Some great sources of protein are eggs, milk, and chicken. As for healthy fats eat foods like olive oil, natural peanut butter, almonds, and avocados.
7) Drink water. It is a powerful fat burner. Aim for at least 8 glasses a day.
These are some powerful rules for a six pack abs diet. Use them well and you will get results fast.



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