Weight training for beginners


Weight training for beginners

One of the best things about weight training for beginners is that it’s one of the most challenging and satisfying times a new bodybuilder will encounter.Challenging because of all the new things they will need to learn to become a good bodybuilder,and satisfying because now is the time when you will be able to see and notice more the gains that they are making.
Weight training for beginners should not be a problem.Any decent gym will have instructors that are more than happy to show you the right techniques and how to lift the weights without injuring yourselfe in the process.This is very important because if you injure yourselfe on your first visit chances are you won’t have the confidence to go back.
Once you know how to lift the weight safely and have an understanding of how much weight you can handle you need to find a workout plan that suits you.Now as a beginner you need to really concentrate on gaining strenghth and size (bulking up)I would suggest that any weight training for beginners should involve a lot of core exercises.These exercises use a lot of muscles at the same time therefore giving your body good all over workout.
  • benchpress
  • deadlift
  • squats
  • pullups
  • pressups
  • rows
These are just a few exercise you should be adding to your weight training for beginners routine.When i first started lifting weights i was hitting the gym at least four times a week,two upper body and two lower body workouts a week.If i could make it to the gym for a fith day i would concentrate on core exercises only and after only a few weeks i was noticing really good gains.
While training, keep things to a high tempo,only wait around a minute between sets and try to get your whole workout done in an hour or less.Any more than an hour and our bodies start releasing a hormone that eats muscle.Remember to warm up before you start this will also prevent injury,5 to 10 minutes on the exrcise bike should do it plus 5 to 10 mins stretching.
Weight training for beginners

Weight training for beginners nutrition

Now you really need to get your head around  nutrition.None of this will do you any good at all if your diet is rubbish.All the rubbish that you used to eat needs to be replaced by good clean calories lot’s of fish,red meat,fruit and veg,brown pasta and rice,nuts,eggs,milk,potatoes.You need to be eating around five meals a day all good clean food.I know that sounds boring but it’s just the way it is and a small sacrifice for a great looking body.

weight training for beginners supplements

Now to the issue of supplements.If you are a beginner you shoudn’t really need to be spending money on an endless supply of different potions,you should be able to get great results with a good diet and exercise routine.If however your not.Don’t get sucked into buying every new wonder powder that comes on the market.Most of them are a load of overhyped rubbish and you don’t need them.The only supplements i would say you need as a beginner are these
Whey protien/milk and egg protien     Creatine     Multivitamins     Fish oil
These are the only ones as beginner that i would go near.Leave the rest for when you are a lot more advanced.Right just one more thing to remember when down the gym.Enjoy it cos in a couple of months your gonna look great.

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