Gaining Muscle Fast: How To Build A Massive Back


I am constantly amazed at how far off­base most people in the gym really are. Even though
everybody wants to be gaining muscle fast, there are so few people who really know what to do to
get there.

To most lifters, it’s all about building a huge chest and arms. Week after week they kill themselves
performing bench presses and barbell curls in the hopes that they will achieve their goal.

 Not surprisingly, their dreams of gaining muscle fast remain unfulfilled.

Most people severely neglect other important muscle groups in their training programs and focus
solely on gaining muscle fast in areas such as the chest and arms, which only play a small role in
contributing towards that perfect physique.

Massive Back

I’m referring to the major muscles of the back, such as the spinal erectors, lats, traps, rhomboids,
and lower back muscles.

Lifters neglect these all­too­important muscles for basic reasons….

1) The back isn’t a “showy” muscle, plus you can’t constantly check it out in the mirror.

2) Back training certainly puts more stress on the body than any type of chest or arm training can.

3) The importance of developing these muscles is not something that most lifters are aware of.

 Let me tell you a little secret….
A well developed back is what will make you look wide, thick, and powerful in a short span of

As a matter of fact, almost 70% of your upper body muscle mass is in this area!

If you want a strong, thick upper body, all you need are bulging lats and wide trapezius muscles
that can be obtained by gaining muscle fast on your back.

 If you want a truly impressive back, you need to get off the bench press, put down the EZ curl
bar, and learn about an uncomplicated, step­by­step workout plan that will really help you in
gaining muscle fast.
Check out these four major movements that will properly develop your back muscles….

1) Deadlifts 

This lift is the key to building a bigger back. If you are working on gaining muscle fast, there is
nothing as effective as the basic, bent­legged barbell deadlift.

It helps you exercise every inch of your body and is irreplaceable in developing strong, thick back
muscles. Make the deadlift a main part of your exercise routine as it will work your entire back

2) A vertical pulling movement 

Are you ready to target your lat muscles and enjoy that wide, v­tapered look from behind? Some
examples of vertical pulling movements are exercises such as chin­ups (both overhand and
underhand variants), lat pull downs, and v­bar pull downs.

If your goal is gaining muscle fast, it’s time for the basic overhand chin­up to do its work. This will
stimulate growth in the lats like no other exercise.

3) A horizontal pulling movement 

portion of the back and will also stimulate the lats. Choose from dumbbell rows, bent over barbell
rows, seated machine rows, and cable rows.

If you’re all about gaining muscle fast, your best bet is to use free­weight rowing movements. My
personal favorite is the bent over barbell row, but bent over dumbbell rows are good, too.

4) A shrugging movement 

Back Exercises

This helps you to target the upper traps and develop that mountainous, diamond­shaped look
from behind if you are working on gaining muscle fast. You can use a basic barbell or dumbbell

Let’s review all this information…. 
Deadlifts �” 2 sets of 5­7. 
Overhand Chin­Ups �” 2 sets of 5­7. 
Bent Over Barbell Rows �” 2 x 5­7 reps. 
Barbell Shrugs �” 2 x 10­12 reps. 

If your goal is gaining muscle fast, try the above routine for optimal gains in back size and

This routine might not seem like a lot, but if you take every set to muscular failure and focus on
quality rather than quantity, you will get more than enough stimulation for your back growth. I’m
still seeing steady progress in both back size and strength after using this same routine for many

Remember, you need to keep a written record of every workout that you perform and focus each
week on increasing either the weight that you lift, or the number of reps that you hit within the
given rep range.
Get ready for a thicker and more muscular upper body if you do this workout once per week with
full effort.


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