Great Abdominal Exercises – 5 Great Abdominal Exercises

Here’s what really gets to me, people think “great abdominal exercises” and then pops up “sit ups” or “crunches.” The problem with this is that when people train their abdominals they don’t get the results they want simply because they aren’t doing the proper abdominal exercises. In this article I’m going to list a few great abdominal exercises.
5 Great Abdominal Exercises
 5 Great Abdominal Exercises
1. Weighted Incline crunches
This is a good way to bulk up and tone your abdominal muscles. Get on an incline bench and take 5 pound dumbbell on each hand and place them against your chest as you go down, this is great at increasing resistance as you contract your abdominal muscles.
2. Incline Side Lifts
Oblique-intense workout, stand in a diagonal position, take a 20 pound weight and do side lifts with the weight on your hanging arm, this is great for really focusing your obliques, the weight adds resistance giving you a lot more benefits, you’ll develop your obliques a lot sooner.
3. Leg Lifts
If you’re really into getting your lower abdominals very defined, leg lifts should be a regular workout in your routine. Lay on your back and simply lift your legs straight up, at the height of the lift, force your hip to elevate off the ground; this highly contracts your lower abs.
4. Chair Crunches
Lay on your back, put your legs on a chair, and do crunches this way. This is one of the better workouts for your upper abs. For more benefits, do these with 5 pound dumbbells.
5. Abdominal Stretches
Lay down face first on your forearms and move in a circular motion very slowly. This focuses your entire abdominal area and tones it all out, so all of your abdominal muscles are proportionately developed.
These are great abdominal exercises you can either do at home or at any old gym. For great abs only exercise your abs 2-3 times every week, your abs don’t benefit with more exercises.

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