Best Leg Exercises That Will Give You Awesome Looking Quads and Calves

You have the glamour muscles looking nice (biceps and triceps), you have a great looking six pack, now it is time to get those legs looking good to go with the rest of your rock solid bod. You can have great looking quads and calves with the right leg exercises.
So what are some of the best leg exercises?

Best Leg Exercises
1) Squat – One of the most effective exercises to build strong quads. Stand up straight and bring your body towards the ground until your knees are pointing out in front of you and your butt is poking out in the back. Keep back straight. You can do this with your bodyweight or a barbell on your shoulders.
2) Jump Squat– Not much different than a traditional squat (minus the weight and barbell) but a little more intense. This is more of a plyometric exercise than regular squats. As you are coming down to do the squat position explode up. Your arms should be straight in the air as you are going up. Make sure to land softly when you come back down on the front of your feet not your heels.
3) Lunges– Standing up, step one leg in front of the other with a bent knee. Keep your back as straight as possible. Your back knee will go straight down to the floor but not touch it. Lunges are great for working your quads and calves. You can do lunges with or with dumbbells.

Best Leg Exercises
4) Reverse Lunges– Do the same lunge movement just do it behind your body instead of in front of you. This is just a different variation to switch things up a bit. Alternate reps between legs just like regular lunges.
You can also do jump lunges to make it a plyometric exercise as well. Basically get in lunge position and jump back and forth switching legs.
5) Calf Raises– Stand a couple feet away from a wall with your hands against it. Bring your feet to a position where you are on your tippy toes and flex your calves. This will bring a significant contraction to your calves. These can be performed with your bodyweight or a dumbbell.
6) Single Leg Bridge– Lying on the ground with your feet in front of you flat on the floor with knees bent and arms on your side. Lift one leg and keep it straight throughout the reps. Lift your back and your butt off the floor, squeezing your glutes. Your shoulders and head should not leave the floor.
There aren’t a lot of people who enjoy working legs. Don’t neglect your legs. Your upper as well as your lower body should look good, not just your upper body. Take some time and do these leg exercises to have some nice looking quads and calves for your next outing.



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