How to Add 10lbs of Muscle to Your Body in a Month

To add up to 10lbs of muscle or more to your body in a month there are a few things you must do. It is possible to add this much in a month if you follow some proven and effective methods. You must stick with these and diregard all things that don’t work to your advantage. Follow the guidelines in this article to pack on 10lbs or more of muscle in as little as a month.

Add 10lbs of Muscle to Your Body i
Increase your daily calories by 1000
Based on what you are eating now, whether it be a maintanence level of daily calories or a bulk up amount, increase it by 1000. This will give you an extra 7000 calories a week, creating the 2lbs surplus per week. To get this many calories on top of your current diet simple choose one of the methods below: 
  1. Drink a gallon of whole milk a day. Drink milk between meals, with meals and after your workout.
  2. Drink protein shakes packed with extra calories. Create a protein shake of 1k+ calories by adding in healthy fats and fruits – avocados, olive oil, almoind butter, cream, coconut cream.
  3. Increase the number of calories in your meals by adding nuts, melted butter or other more healthy fats to the meal.
Train with an increased volume for the 4 weeks
Increase the volume of your training for the month. This will shock your body into overgrowth. It won’t know what hit it and will have to release a load more muscle inducing hormones. It will stimulate much more growth and progression. Increase the volume by: 
  1. Increasing the totatl number of sets per workout. Try to double or even triple the total sets of your usual workout.
  2. Decrease the resting time between sets to allow for more to fit in and to increase the overall intensity too.
  3. Increase the weights and the reps. This can be hard, but aim for heavy weights that allow you to lift no more than 10 reps.
Stick with it for the 28 days
If you manage to consistently stick to these changes you will be able to achieve an increase in 10lbs of muscle in a month. Keep motivated, track your progress and keep the end goal of 10lbs of extra muscle in your mind the whole time.
You will hit plateaus and have bad days, as long as you are following the guidelines 80% of the time you will be successful in packing on 10lbs of muscle in one month.



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