How to Get Big Biceps Fast

Standing Barbell Curl
The is the real deal of bicep exercises this is used by people at all levels from extreme bodybuilders to amateurs to get big massive arms.
Start by Standing with your feet a shoulder-width apart and hold a weighted barbell with both hands in an underhand grip. Let it hang in front of you at arm’s length and make sure your elbows are tucked in and close to your torso at all times (important).

How to Get Big Biceps Fast
Now you should, pull up the barbell by rotating only your arms, using the power from your biceps to do so until the barbell is at about shoulder level. Hold the contraction for a beat to maximize the effort, and then lower to the starting position.
You should repeat for 4 sets of 8-12 reps
Other quick tips on how to get big biceps fast
How to get big biceps. You’ll never have big biceps as long as you are skinny (under-weight). No matter how many biceps curls you do. To build bigger biceps, increase your overall muscle mass first by eating a lot (protein and carbs including fish, red meat, brown bread and rice). 
  • Go Hard With Milk. Drink heaps of milk a day (one gallon). This is one of the quickest ways to put on weight.
  • Eat up large. Eat multiple meals a day. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, post workout. Try to eat your stomach full on each meal.
  • Workouts. Do extra squats than normal. Repeat two sets of 8-11 reps, then perform the same exercise with your palms facing up in order to work the other muscles of the forearm.
  • Relax. Muscles grow when relaxed. Give your workout a break..
  • Avoid Doing Curls. Honestly increasing your squats & deadlift will build your biceps quicker than curls and triceps extensions. Great way to gain power (hint – eat more)
  • Keep Progress. Weigh yourself, track your body fat using a fat caliper and measure your flexed arms every 3 weeks.



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