5 Slimming Exercises for Women

While it’s true that knowing how to properly control your diet can help you get rid of unwanted inches around your belly, it’s also true that you will only ever achieve a super-slim waist if you compliment that diet with a selection of beneficial exercises. Simply working out on a stationary bike or trudging through grueling cardio sessions for hours on end isn’t enough. Finding the right slimming exercises for women means working through a number of motions designed to strengthen and stretch your core.
Keep in mind that all of the exercises we address below can be optimized with a few extra measures. For example, adding weights to your workout routine can help to encourage the buildup of muscle which burns extra fat. What’s more, using a slimming waist trimmer belt can focus your core temperature so that you burn calories quicker.
Slimming Exercises for Women
1. Skipping Jump Rope
When it comes to effective (and fun) slimming exercises for women, a skipping rope is a great way to cast off unwanted calories. The range of motions raises your metabolic rate substantially, while forcing you to tighten your core for a double whammy of effective fat-busting. As you get better with your jump rope, try throwing in a few more complex movements and twists so that you get as many muscle groups as possible involved.
2. Hip Thrusts
Another ideal, but often overlooked option in slimming exercises for women, is the hip thrust. Hip thrusts, when combined with bridge movements help to target the muscles of your lower back and your glutes at the same time, strengthening your mid-section. This is a great way to narrow down your waist, and make your curves even more appealing.
3. Ski Twists
While jumping jacks can be a bit boring for some, they’re a great way to burn flab. To try something different, use a ski twist. In this exercise, you jump in the same way as a jumping jack, but keep your feet together and twist at the hips instead of throwing out your arms. The exercise works your body’s core while burning calories at the same time.
4. Bike Crunches
Bike crunches offer two different workouts. The first is a cardio burn that raises your heart rate for an effective weight-loss routine, and the second is an ab-burn that cuts away excess inches around the waist. Bicycle crunches as slimming exercises for women have been found to be more effective than any other core exercise at building your abs.
5. Swiss Ball Roll outs
Last but not least, take planking to the next level with Swiss ball roll outs. While there are many variations of the Swiss roll out, the basic motion starts with your hands on an exercise ball. Hold your plank position, and roll the ball forwards, maintaining your position for about three seconds before returning to the starting position. This back-and-forth motion will be a fantastic way to improve your core by stressing the abs and lower back muscles.

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