Barbells Vs Dumbells – What Is the Best Equpment for Building Muscle Mass?

Some fitness equipment has the ability to create debate with some people as to what is better than the other. Barbells and dumbbells seem to create debate as to which is better, but truth be told, both pieces of equipment do exactly what they are intended for – and that is building muscle mass.
While one of these pieces of equipment employs the muscles involved directly in the workout, the other one also employs that muscle but also uses other muscles to help stabilize the other muscles being worked.
So as you can see, it is the different method in which each builds muscle mass
You really need to be using both barbells and dumbbells to get the best results from your workouts and below I will show you the reasons why.
Providing a balanced approach to lifting weights, the barbell is simply a long bar with weighted plates placed on each end. The lifter is usually pushing or lifting the bar straight up, or lowering it down in a controlled manner. The stability is achieved by using both hands and this help keep the bar as straight as possible as well as having complete control over the equipment.
If you want to increase the weight you are lifting, it is simply a matter of adding more plates to each end of the barbell,
Dumbbells are like a much smaller version of the barbell, you still have a bar with weighted plates on each end, however the length of the dumbbell bar is much shorter and is only lifted using one hand. This will provide you with a balanced workout muscle-wise, using not only linear movement, isolating certain muscles, but also side to side, bringing other muscles into play that will help provide the stabilization.
Also some exercises such as tricep extensions, the fly and the lateral raise can only be done with barbells.
While you can and probably do use dumbbells individually, make sure you workout both sides of your body equally, to maintain a balance of size and strength. If you don’t keep each side in proportion, you run the risk of injury, which can keep you off the weights for days, and sometimes weeks.
As with all of your workouts, you should always ensure you are using proper form.This is the best way to build muscle mass and prevent injuries.
You should workout five days a week consisting of at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, with both sides of your body getting an equal workout.
Alternatively, you could train three times a week, with a more vigorous workout of 20 minutes, again working out both sided of your body evenly.
Between working both sides of your body and using varied routines, you could alternate between these two workouts weekly. By doing this, your body will not become accustomed to one workout, you will be working muscles in different ways, keeping not only your workouts fresh and challenging, but helping to keep your mind motivated as well.

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