Best Workout Routine to Get Big Fast

If you have been working out with weights and not making the gains that you would like or you are new to resistance training and your goal is to build size and strength fast then consider adding compound exercises into your routine. Utilizing these exercises gives you the best workout routine to get big fast.
Compound exercises are those that involve using more than one joint in the movement like the squat or deadlift. Other exercises that only involve movement on one joint are called isolation exercises. An example of this would be the barbell curl. You should be using both types in your workouts but to maximize growth be sure you are including the compound form.

Best Workout Routine
Why are compound the best weight lifting exercises to build muscle mass? Simple – these movements allow you to work multiple muscle groups at once. You can also lift heavier weights vs. isolation exercises which will cause greater stimulation to more muscle fibers. This leads to growth of the muscle. Lastly they will train your muscles groups to work in synergy with each other making them more efficient.
In order to cause maximal muscle fiber stimulation during your workouts you’ll want to use a combination of compound and isolation exercises. This may involve performing squats (compound) followed by leg extensions (isolation). This will assure that no muscle fiber “gets left behind.”
The best workout routine to get big fast should include the following compound movements:
Chest: Bench press (any variation), Dips, Pushups
Back: Deadlift, Lat Pulldown, Bent Over Row, Chin Ups
Legs: Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges
Arms: Dips, Pushups, Chin Ups
Shoulders: Military Press (barbell & dumbbell), Arnold Press
So if building mass and size are your goals be sure to incorporate these exercises into your routine complemented with isolation movements, a sound diet and cardiovascular exercises.



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