Build Arm Muscles – How to Get Massive Arms

The arms have always been considered a pillar of strength. Most guys know that you can make a woman swoon by having bulging biceps and killer triceps. They can also be one of the hardest to build unless you know the right methods to build arm muscles. We will go over two routines that you can interchange to help get massive arms.
The method we are using is something called super setting. This is where you take two opposing muscles and do exercises back and forth allowing you to get the biggest pump. The two groups of muscles you can do this with are chest and back and biceps and triceps. Obviously we are going to focus on the biceps and triceps because we want to learn to build arm muscles. Keep the routines to 3 sets of each exercise and 8 to 10 reps. Also do them in the exact order that I have placed here. If you not know how to do the exercises then you can look them up online very easily.

Arm Exercises
Workout 1: 
Standing Barbell Curl, Skull Crushers, Alternating Dumbbell Curl, Tricep push downs, Hammer Curls, and Weighted Dips
Workout 2: 
Preacher Curl, Overhead Tricep Extension, Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl, Kickbacks, Static Arm Curls, and Skull Crushers.
If you alternate these workouts every two weeks you will not only get stronger, but will also notice huge gains. When you build arm muscles every rep must be concentrated and done with perfect form. Other things that are going to affect how your muscles grow are diet and supplements. Make sure you are eating well and supplementing with nutritional products that can help you get the most out of every workout you do.



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