How to Get Bigger Triceps

A big pair of triceps impressive me more than a big pair of biceps. If someone’s got a big pair of tri’s it means they’re likely bench over 300lbs for reps and that’s an impressive feat of strength. If you want to get big triceps then here’s the key exercises that you must do:

Triceps Exercises
Close Grip Bench Press
The exercise is literally as it reads. Grab the bar on the bench and move your hands slightly closer together. This will mean that you’ll be using more of your triceps as opposed to your pecs to lift the weight on each repetition. This has gotta be one of the best mass builders for the triceps out there. Along with….
Close Grip Weighted Dips
This exercise has been called the upper body squat in the past because it’s such an intensive movement. If you can dip your bodyweight + 30kg or more then your triceps will be packing some serious size. Not only will you work out your triceps but you’ll also hit your anterior deltoids (shoulder) and your chest – all in one workout! Great stuff!
My personal favourite. The morning after I do 3 sets of 8 at skullcrushers my triceps feel like they are about to explode. I love to finish the workout off with a good solid 3 sets of skullcrushers, trying to put the weight up over time. This exercise is great for hitting the outer head, especially if you can do the exercise with an ez bar.
If you can combine all the above 3 exercises into your routine then your triceps will have no choice to grow because of the incredible stimulus you’ll be putting them under.



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