Increasing Growth Hormone for Building Muscle

Do you want to increase your HGH levels?
HGH or human growth hormone is the master hormone in your body. As the name suggests, it controls all growth processes in the body. Production of HGH begins declining after you reach adolescence and this tends to affect all your body faculties.
Bodybuilders well understand the importance of HGH in muscle building. Here are some simple and easy ways to help your body produce more growth hormone on its own:

 Growth Hormone for Building Muscle
1. Strength Training
Strength training is excellent for increasing both growth hormone and testosterone production in your body. Training with heavy weights can help boost growth hormone secretion in your body. Squats are an excellent exercise for this purpose.
But again, it is important to limit your workout to 45-60 minutes per sessions. Any more than that can increase stress, spike cortisol and lower HGH secretion in your body.
2. Get Enough Sleep
HGH is released in your body when you are deep asleep. Lack of sleep can disturb this cycle and lower your HGH production. Thus, it is important to get enough sleep. You must stick to eight hours sleep as a guideline.
3. Fasting
A lot of people think that you need to eat a whole lot more if you want to grow.
Contrary to this, fasting can help boost your growth hormone levels tremendously. According to a recent study, subjects experienced an astounding 2000% increase in their growth hormone levels after 24 hours of fasting.
4. Increase Your Intake of L-arginine
L-arginine is an essential amino acid that is known to increase growth hormone production in your body. A clinical study revealed that l-arginine combined with l-leucine can help boost HGH secretion by an amazing 700%.
Some of the best sources of l-arginine include lean meat, fish, poultry, nuts and beans, oatmeal etc. You must try to include these in your daily diet.
5. Try Some Natural HGH Supplements
HGH supplements or releasers are one of the best ways to enhance your growth hormone levels. Such supplements are taken orally and do not contain any kind of artificial hormone.
What it means is that they do not interfere with your endocrine system. These supplements are simulators that make your pituitary gland produce more growth hormone, in the most natural way possible.
Such supplements are made with a combination of amino acids like l-arginine, l-leucine, l-glutamine etc. and other ingredients like deer antler velvet, GABA etc.
These supplements can help you lean and hard muscle quickly. They can also boost your metabolism so that your body is better able to burn fat. In addition to this, such supplements can also help reverse age effects so that you look and feel younger than your age.



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