Four Reasons You’re Not Losing and Gaining Muscle Mass In The Gym

You’ve been going to the fitness center for a while and you think you’re on the right track. However though you’re not seeing any results. This pisses you off and you end up getting depressed over it, your fitness center progress halts. You start to wonder what’s wrong and start believing that it’s all your fault when it really isn’t. All you need is a sound plan, see where you made any mistakes at and finally a kick in the ass from me, and you’ll get back on track.
 Reasons You're Not Losing and Gaining Muscle Mass
Mistake One: Not Listening To Your Body:
The number one mistake one can make in the gym is not listening to their body. For example, let us say one does not feel that their chest is isolated and working when they do the flat bench press, so instead of doing it over and over, one should stop doing it and find a far better exercise to do. It is all about experimentation, you have to find out what works best for you and from there you can build a training program that is designed specifically for your needs and goals. Remember we are all built differently, what works for me might not necessarily work for you.
Mistake Two: Not Keeping A Training Log
By not tracking your progress, you risk not progressing at each and every workout. Also, by having a training log, you can see on how you progressed since you’ve started working out. This will motivate you even more to stay on track and complete your goals.
Mistake Three: Not Training With Intensity
Far too often I see people just walk into the gym and half ass their workout. In my mind a half ass workout and a half ass diet or meal plan will only give you a half ass body. You must go into the gym with guns blazing and give it your absolute best effort. Remember your workout should be nothing short, but the best!
P.S to up the intensity of your workouts you could do forced reps, forced negatives, negative reps, drop sets, super sets and partial reps.
Mistake Four: Cheating Yourself
By cheating yourself you’re only going to get a half ass body. If you want a half ass body that is fine, but if you want to look your absolute best it is not fine. Never ever cheat yourself! I expect nothing but the best from you, good luck!



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