Muscle Workouts – Staggering Muscle Groups for Maximum Benefits


One of the most effective ways to get the most out of your muscle workouts is staggering your training schedule.  Not only will this save you time at the gym, but it will also provide your muscles with enough time to rest so they can grow bigger and stronger more quickly.  Let me explain…

A common mistake by new bodybuilders is they workout out their muscles too frequently.  Often times, beginners will workout all their muscle groups almost everyday, which is not only way too frequently, but it can cause the person to burn out quickly and drop their fitness routine within a few weeks.  I say this is too frequently because muscles need to have time to recuperate after intense workouts.  A lot of successful bodybuilders often schedule their muscle workouts to attack their major muscle groups only one or two times a week, which allows ample time for their muscles to recover.  Muscle recovery is very important because it helps determine the ability for your muscles to grow.

Muscle Workouts

When weightweight training, muscles are in a state of breakdown after after an intense workout and need time to recover.  If proper time is given between muscle workouts, the muscle will recover and grow back stronger.  However, if you consistently push your muscles and don’t allow proper recovery time, they will be in a constant state of breakdown and it will be extremely difficult for you to effectively gain muscle mass.

How does one solve this delema?  Here’s an es an example of a workout routine that allows for ample muscle recovery time:

Monday – Chest, Biceps, Forearms
Tuesday – Cardio
Wednesday – Legs, Abs, Core
Thursday – Cardio
Friday – Back, Shoulders, Triceps
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Following a schedule of muscle workouts similar to the one above will allow your muscles plenty of time for recovery, and you’ll notice the difference very quickly.  People often think more is better, but it is quite the opposite when it comes to muscle workouts.  High-intensity workouts less often will get you far greater results than low-intensity (or even high-intensity) workouts more often.
Keep this in mind when planning your next muscle workout routine, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy your weight training more.  Not only does this help increase your returns, it helps keep you from getting burnt out by spending so much time at the gym.  I follow the detailed workout structure above, and I’m usually at the gym for no more than a little over an hour each day.
Remember, Train Hard, and REST!


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