How Do I Get Six Pack Abs? 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid


You’ve been asking for awhile, how do I get six pack abs? But have read so much information you have started confusing yourself. Then let me clarify some things and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes a majority of people trip over when they want to tone and tighten their midsection. If you’re serious about flattening your stomach, then avoid these three traps.

Six Pack Abs
1. Fat burning pills only work until your body becomes used to them and they are dangerous. Anytime you use something to synthetically increase your heart rate and your metabolism, you’re asking for trouble. These so called fat burning pills work for awhile, but the minute you stop taking them the weight melts back onto your stomach. When you use a chemical to enhance your body, your pushing it past it’s natural ability. Why would you want to take something that is unapproved by the FDA and keeps your heart racing? No one really knows the lingering affects anyways, so stick with natural weight loss.
2. Long bouts of cardiovascular exercise help eliminate belly fat, But once again your body will become used to the endurance level limiting the amount of fat you can lose. And science has proved when you replace fatty tissue with lean muscle mass the body burns fat faster. Stick with weight lifting routines and circuit training.
3. Read the labels on the foods you prepare. Many times the healthy foods we eat are actually disguised junk. Look for high sodium content and high fructose corn syrup. They can make you pack on pound ultra fast. Anything that ends with the three letters ose is sugar in some shape or form.
Avoiding these three mistakes will help you burn fat faster and preserve your health for your journey through life. Flattening your stomach and shrinking your waistline is possible, but you should always choose the natural methods for weight reduction.


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