Body Building – 3 Foods For Larger Muscle Size

Every body builder knows that food is an important part of their plan of getting shredded and growing bigger muscles. Without the right foods, you can end up completely wasting your time and effort and you’ll have very little results. Always make sure that you are eating the right foods and at the right times. Here are a few of those foods…

Foods For Larger Muscle Size
#1 – Almonds…
Here is the deal with almonds: They are a rich source of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E. In case you were unaware, vitamin E is a good antioxidant. As a body builder, what this means for you is that your muscles will recover from a workout much faster which will allow them to grow. It is best to eat 2 cups a day of almonds before and after a workout.
#2 – Yogurt…
Yogurt has an ideal combination of carbohydrates and proteins which is perfect for muscle recovery and muscle growth. It is best to buy yogurt that is not sugar-free. If you want the most out of your yogurt, buy yogurt with fruits at the bottom as this will help reduce post-workout protein breakdown.
#3 – Beef…
Beef is one of those foods that are incredibly high in protein. As well, beef is a valuable source of zinc and iron – two minerals that can help your muscles grow faster. Another thing to know is that beef is a number one food source of creatine. The best type of meat to eat is beef that is lean as this type of beef has less fat.



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