Body Building – Top 4 Foods That Burn Fat

One of the greatest things that body builders and muscle builders alike want to achieve is not just muscle gain, but also to burn fat. It is no secret that there are 100’s of gimmicky programs and so called “solutions” to burning fat that it is almost disgusting. Before you end up selling your house in trying to buy these programs, take a look at a few foods that can not only burn your fat, but save your wallet…

Top  Foods That Burn Fat
1 – EFAs
EFA stands for Essential fatty acids – fats that are very important to your body but cannot be produced by it. In other words, these are fats that your body can’t produce but instead must get it from foods. A very popular EFA is fish. You can try wild salmon, herring, and tuna. Eating fish can reduce the leptin in your body resulting in less fat in your body.
2 – Bananas
Bananas contain about 450 mg of potassium – an important chemical that can increase your metabolism and regulate the water balance in your body. It is best to eat about 4 bananas a day as this will give you 2,000 mg of potassium per day which is a very healthy number. You can also get potassium from milk and oranges.
3 – Dairy products
Experts say that calcium and protein consumed from low-fat dairy products help weight loss and help maintain muscle mass. It is best to eat about 4 servings a day of low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese.
4 – Garlic
It may smell bad and scare away the vampires in your neighborhood (or the women and men), but it also scares away fat! Garlic can boost your metabolism which results quicker fat-burning. If you reject to eat garlic whole, then you can always mix it with other foods or drinks.



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