Muscle Building Program – 3 Day Workout For a Buffer You!

If you are up to gain muscle, then you should have the right program for you. You should know what type of program you will have no hard time following whether the program itself or to your workout schedule. Just make sure that when you follow a certain program, you should consult your doctor first to be sure you have the right condition to engage such workout.

Here is your three day muscle building program that will surely show great results in no time.

Muscle Building  3 Day Workout Program


Bench press 1×12, 10, 10
Incline press 1×12, 10, 10
Military press 1×12, 10, 10
Side-raise 3×12
Tricep ext 3×12
Kickback 3×12


Squat 1×12, 10, 10
Lunges 3×12
Stiff-Legged Dead lift 3×12
Leg Curl 3×12
Calf-raise 5×12


Rest your body. Get more sleep and eat plenty.


Pull down 1×12, 10, 10
Seated Row 1×12, 10, 10
Bent-over-raise 1×12, 10, 10
Shrugs 3×12
Barbell Curl 3×12
DB Curl 3×12


Rest day

You don’t have to workout every day especially if you are busy with your work or school. By following these three day program, you can still be able to get the result in no time. Remember that gaining muscle is not all about the muscle itself but as well as the health of the person is also considered. Expect to have sore arms and body the following day so make it a habit to do some follow up. Make sure your muscles are stretched and relax before you start again with new sets of reps.



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