Why The Lower Abs Are So Hard to Define

Human physiology dictates that certain regions of the muscular system are easier to define than others. This holds incredibly true for the lower abdominal muscles, especially when compared to the rest of the muscles on the human body. Let’s take a closer look at why this is.

Lower Abs Are
As humans, when we consume more calories than we use, this excessive amount of calories stays within the body and is stored as fat. Unfortunately, for the majority of people, the first place this fat settles in is around the lower abs. Many people tend to believe that if they do more lower ab exercises, the more fat will burn off from that area and then they will suddenly have an amazing 6-pack. The muscles will become stronger and denser but this does nothing to reduce the layer of fat covering the muscles. This perpetuated myth that people are able to target a specific area for fat reduction is somehow engrained in all of us and must be unlearned. Fact of the matter is the body decides which fat area to use when going into a calorie negative state.
Once this calorie negative state is reached, the body will start to use these fat deposits from where it wants. The body usually goes in reverse order so if you gained fat in the abdominal region first, that will most likely be the last place to lose it. This can be particularly disheartening for individuals who are exercising for long periods of time and still unable to see the results they are looking for. There are other elements to consider when one is looking to define their abs.
Nutrition and a strong cardiovascular program are also critical elements to defining abdominal muscles. Eating healthy and watching calories allows for people to control the amount they take in instead of just worrying about how much goes out. A cardiovascular program that involves running and other activities to elevate the heart rate burn more calories than all the crunches in the world. By consuming less calories and expending more, the body will drop into the above mentioned calorie negative state. When this is established, the fat will begin to burn off and they’ll start to see results.
Keep in mind that there are no immediate results when it comes to defining the lower abs. It requires a trio of combining exercises, nutrition, and a cardiovascular routine. Utilizing these three items will be the best approach to take when going for well-defined abdominals.



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