A Diet For Six Pack Abs – The Truth About Protein, Carbs and Fat

Want to learn how to really diet for six pack abs? You do not have to be confused over all the claims out there. In this article you will learn what you really should be eating to melt away the belly fat and reveal your six pack abs.
First of all you should be watching what you eat. I know it is the most obvious point but it needs to be said. Eat natural foods like lean meats, nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables most of the time. These kinds of foods are not processed like sweets and white carbs are.

Diet For Six Pack Abs
To build muscle and lose fat you need to get more protein. Do not worry about the gram of protein per pound of body weight rule. Just try to get a source of protein with each meal. Some of the best sources of protein include almonds, peanut butter, cottage cheese, eggs, salmon, tuna, chicken, lean beef, and turkey.
About fat. Eating more fat does not make you fat. Bad diet and a lack of exercises make you fat. There are foods rich with healthy fats that actually help your body clean out your system and get rid of the bad fat. The best sources include avocados, eggs, almonds, natural peanut butter, fish, and olive oil. Get some with each meal.
Now let me break any myth you have heard about carbs because they always seem to be the most confusing. Too much of them can make you fat even if you eat whole grains.
So you should limit how many starchy carbs you get from foods like bread, rice, potatoes, and oatmeal to just twice a day. Eat them for breakfast and after a workout for maximum fat loss and to ensure your body is fueled for the day.
Use all these techniques to hep burn the belly fat and diet for six pack abs. But you will not get results if you do not take action. So take action right away before you procrastinate.



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