Big Arm Muscles – 3 Ways to Increase Your Results by 900%

What are the best big arm muscles exercises? They are NOT “arm specific” workouts like you might expect.
When training one specific muscle group, most think that only exercising just that group at the expense of the others is the way to get results. This makes sense-right?

Big Arm Muscles
After all-why waste time exercising the whole body when you could just focus on the one part that’s important?
There is a SERIOUS problem with this logic.
When you only exercise one tissue group, you SEVERELY limit your testosterone output-which is KEY to getting results. When you maximize this 1 variable you will get big arm muscles.
How do you maximize it? Here are 3 keys:
#1) Workout the WHOLE body
I don’t care if your goal is just bigger arms-for the above reasons you MUST enact your entire body. But there is a specific way this must be done.
#2) NEVER waste time on “single joint” exercises
Doing 2-3 activities is all you need to enact your entire body. How do you do this?
COMPOUNDING exercises MUST be the focus
They accomplish the same thing as 7-10 “single joint” activities, and therefore they don’t drain your body of precious energy on meaningless things.
If you waste time on “single joint” activities you don’t give your body enough time to recover during the workout–and your results are severely limited.
#3) Lift HEAVY weights
This will make or break your success-even if you get the other 2 things right. Light weights do virtually NOTHING in terms of getting ripped-they merely improve your endurance.
in other words–if you want the scraggly body of a marathon runner than lift light weights. The only way to get big arm muscles is to do compounding “whole body” exercises with heavy weights.



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