Top Ten Exercises For Toning the Upper Arms

When training the arms, it is important to take into consideration the anatomy of the upper arms. The upper arm is divided into two muscle groups, the biceps and the triceps. The biceps is the muscle group, which from an anatomical perspective, is the muscle anterior, or to the front of, the upper arm. The triceps is the muscle group in the back of the arm, or posterior anatomically. The term biceps indicates that the muscle has two muscular heads as opposed to the tricep which has three muscular heads. As a result, the triceps makes up the majority of the upper arm. So what are the top ten exercises to tone the upper arms?

Top Ten Exercises For Toning the Upper Arms
TRICEPS 1.) Tricep Pressdown-the tricep pressdown is a great exercise to tone the triceps. Targets most of the tricep with an increased emphasis on the long tricep head.
2.) Lying tricep extensions (e.z. bar)-great for targeting most of the tricep, especially the medial head of the tricep.
3) Dumbell kickbacks-when performed correctly really isolates the triceps well.
4.) Close grip bench press-great exercise to increase overall strength of the tricep.
5.) Overhead tricep extension-really targets the long head, and helps to tone the tricep.
1.) Standing barbell curls-the king of bicep exercises. Great for overall strength and excellent for creating an overload on the biceps.

2.) Incline dumbell curls-great for isolating the biceps and the incline angle allows for an increase in the overload on the biceps. 
3.) Concentration curls-excellent isolation exercise that allows for a great controlled contraction of the biceps. 
4.) Preacher curls-helps to improve the length and the definition of the bicep. 
5.) Hammer curls-works to improve the length of the bicep, and helps strengthen the forearms. Ask your trainer about these great exercises for the upper arms.


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