High Protein Foods – Quick Protein-Rich Snacks for People on the Go

How important are high protein foods in our body? How much protein does our body needs? Is it safe to take too much protein over a long period of time? It is a well-known fact how protein is important in maintaining body function. Busy people are always in search for nutritious food to nibble while working. But then, many don’t have any idea what food to choose ending up grabbing high fat, high carb and low protein snacks which have poor nutrition content.
High Protein Foods - Quick Protein-Rich Snacks for People on the Go
High protein foods/snacks are needed for people with laborious work nature, after heavy work out or those who don’t have time to eat a full meal. Eating alternative nutritious snacks can be your solution to remedy quick hunger pangs.
Take these high protein foods that take little time to prepare and thankfully, are low in both fat and carbohydrates.
Egg whites – a single egg white contains 15 calories and four grams of protein. It is also free from fat and cholesterol. Break a couple of egg white in a pan, add some spices and pepper and you already have nutritious high protein meal.
Tuna – a great source of protein, tuna contains roughly 25 grams of protein per can. Besides that, a can of tuna contains 111 calories and 0% fat. But skip the mayonnaise when making a sandwich, it’s packed with fat.
Protein bars – although there are so many varieties available in the market, always check if it is high in protein and less in carbohydrates and fat. Protein bars can be a good choice for instant snacks. Beef jerky – this classical favorite contains 70 calories and one gram fat for every ounce, yet carries 11 grams protein. But beware as certain brands are also high in sodium. If you wanted a healthier choice, opt for those sold on health food shops.
Cottage cheese – unlike other types of cheese that are extremely rich in fat, a half cup of cottage cheese can contain only 102 calories, 16 grams of protein and two grams fat. You can also mix it with fruits to compensate for its too high protein content.
Protein shakes – similar to protein bars, a lot of commercially sold protein shakes can also be rich in carbohydrates. To avoid high carb content of some protein shakes, better make your own recipe.
Peanut butter – a single tablespoon contains 95 calories, four grams of protein and eight grams of fat then spread it over a whole wheat bread and banana slices and you already have combined high protein foods for snack.
Oatmeal – a bowl of instant oatmeal is packed with 105 calories, five grams protein and two grams fat. Way to go to keep you from feeling full due to its high fiber content. It is also an ideal snack especially after heavy work out.
Busy or not, with these easy to prepare high protein foods and snacks, it’s not an excuse to eat unhealthy fatty chips and chocolate bars. But don’t forget that to maintain healthy body, one should have a balance of every nutrient. Too much protein intake can cause harm than good so make sure to also eat healthy portions of carbohydrates and fat.



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